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Please take a few moments to read through our legal information. Each section is started with a comprehensive overview that only takes a few seconds to read and it will help you play fair and safe.

Copyright Information

All images, content, rules of game play, fixed expressions of ideas and programs used on Powerpets website are (c) Copyright 2002-2008 Powerpets.Powerpets, logos, characters, names are trademarks of PowerpetsTM.

Copyright has been established through Automatic Copyright by author/artist, and is protected by the Copyright Act. Images, content, ideas and programs cannot be duplicated, republished or re-used in any way, shape or form without prior written permission of Powerpets.

This copyright also includes the sole right to produce, reproduce, perform or publish any translation of the work.

Powerpets rules of game play, fixed expressions of ideas and programs used on the Powerpets website, will not be granted any use, duplication or publication exemptions. Powerpets images and content are subject to exemptions of the Copyright Act, additionally Powerpets will grant use, duplication, alteration of such according to rules listed in the "additions" section.

Powerpets grants permission to anyone to use or reproduce any image or partial content of the site for the sole purpose of a private study, research, criticism, reviews or news reporting with the understanding that the user includes
(- Source (date): http://www.powerpets.com/)
in the publication, article or report, with an indication to the used or reproduced area within the article or report. Powerpets grants anyone permission to print or use, content or images, from it's website for personal use (to hang up in your room, decorate your diary) only.

Powerpets grants anyone permission to alter images found on it's website, for the sole purpose of resubmitting the image to Powerpets, displaying the altered image on Powerpets, or using the altered image for personal use only.


Permission for use of Powerpets images or content, or any alterations of aforementioned, does not have to be requested in the following situations, provided proper credit and copyright notices are in place:
  • Display on a personal website
  • Display on a "help" or "guide" site dedicated to Powerpets
  • Reproduction in a publication, presentation or public performance
  • Display for a large group of individuals in an educational environment (your school/study group) - Exempt Rule 1
  • Display on a personal website, provided no links to commercial websites, sponsors, banner ads, or any such form of advertisement, nor any form of product sales or other personal gain for the website owner or it's affiliates are made available on this site - Exempt Rule 2
    Use of sponsors and banner ads to offset cost of hosting for "help" or "guide" websites will not be considered personal gain.
  • Alterations of content and/or images to be used in any of the previous situations - Exempt Rule 1 and/or Exempt Rule 2 with Exempt Addition of Alteration

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